OpenBSD 4.1: “Puffy Baba and the 40 Vendors”

Mayis 1 2007’de cikacak olan OpenBSD 4.1’in surum sarkisi yayinlandi…

Here’s an old story …

Puffy Baba and the 40 Vendors
We all know the details
Magic cave, magic words, some thieves,
some serious loot,
and lucky – Mister – Baba
Who got a bad rap if you ask me
The little guy who
did the best with what he had

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2 Responses to OpenBSD 4.1: “Puffy Baba and the 40 Vendors”

  1. Ascarabina says:

    “If you know your brother is a greedy bastard
    never give him the password
    If he goes penguin on you,
    stop – being – his brother.
    When a cave is guarded by magic lawyers
    A sea of blood will be its doormat
    So do the best with what you have”

    Güzel cevap :=)


    Konutla ilgili :


  2. Huzeyfe ONAL says:

    “Garibanin biri yolda 3 kurus bulmus , sultana kosup sarayi kaca satarsin diye sormus” mevzusuna benziyor biraz:).

    Bos vakti olanlari buraya alalim:>

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