OpenBSD 4.1 Cikti!

Temel ilkesi “ama si olmayan bir ozgurluk ve proaktif guvenlik” olan OpenBSD isletim sisteminin 4.1 surumu yayinlandi. Yeni surumde diger *BSD’leri kiskandiracak oldukca fazla yenilik ve guncelleme var.

Paketleri indirip kendi isonuzu yapmak isterseniz buraya

Tarafimdan hazirlanmis OpenBSD 4.1 cd imajini indirmek isterseniz buraya

Resmi OpenBSD dagitimini siparis etmek isterseniz buraya alalim:)

OpenBSD’yi kurcalamak icin OpenBSD Belgeleme projesini inceleyebilir ve destek olabilirsiniz.

4.1 surumu ile birlikte goze carpan yenilikler;

hoststated(8), a layer 3 and layer 7 server load balancing daemon with host monitoring capacities.

Multiple, independent routing tables, with pf(4) acting as selector. route(8) can be told which table to work with now, and routing daemons have been modified to cope as well.

The pflog(4) interface is now clonable. pf(4) can log to multiple pflog interfaces now, each rule can specify which pflog interface to log to. pflogd(8) and spamlogd(8) can now be told which pflog interface to work with.

pfctl(8) can now expire table entries.

keep state is now the default for pf.conf(5) rules, as is the flags S/SA option on TCP connections. no state and flags any can be used to disable stateful filtering or TCP flags checking.

The bridge(4) driver and the brconfig(8) tool now support the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). The new RSTP mode is now used by default when enabled with the stp option.

tum yeniliklere ve degisikliklere buradan ulasabilirsiniz.

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