OpenBSD Packet Filter Web Arabirimi

OpenBSD Packet Filter guvenlik duvarini web uzerinden yonetmek icin yazilmis basit bir arabirim. MonoWall’un altyapisi kullanilarak PF’e uyarlanmis. Bazi eksileri olsa da gayet kullanisli. Tabii yine klasik Opensource dusunce mantigi ile yazilan araclari calisan altyapiya uygun dusunduklerinden(GUI yazarken GUI’yi genel Firewall mantalitesinde degil de PF mantalitesinde hazirlamis) Packet filterdan anlamayan birisi icin oldukca karmasik gelecektir.


The project was born out of me looking for a simple way to manage OpenBSD firewalls. Luckily I found two projects that did pretty much exactly what I wanted, the ability to stick with OpenBSD and PF, in flashboot, and the webui from Monowall was perfect, so I decided to “glue” them together, and this project is the result.

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