Snort & Snortsam 2.7 Cikti

snort_org_03.jpg Ailemizin cok amacli network araci(Sniffer/IDS/IDP) Snort’un 2.7 surumu cikmis. IDS modda saldirilari bloklamak icin (Active Response) kullanilan Snortsam eklentisi de gun itibari ile ftp sunucularda yerini almis durumda.

Snort 2.7

2.7 surumu ile birlikte eklenen ozellikler

  • Target-based stream reassembly, including handling of TCP dataoverlaps and anomalous TCP header flags on a per-destination basis. 11 different target-based policies are supported. See README.stream5 for specific configuration options for operating system targets.
  • UDP session tracking
  • Option to emulate Stream4 flushing behaviour
  • Stream5 replaces BOTH Stream4 and Flow — should disable both of these when Stream5 is enabled.
    Security and memory footprint improvements
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