Syslog Sunucu Performans Testleri

Temeli Syslog’a dayali bir Log toplama ve korelasyon cihazini test ederken sistemin kapasitesini/performansini olcme amacli olarak bir Syslog generatore ihtiyacim oldu. Istegime uygun araci ararken Kiwi’nin Syslog generator’i ile karsilastim. Tam de benim isteklerimi karsilar tipdeydi.

Arac istenilen sayida(tek seferde 500 syslog mesaji gibi), ve cesitte Syslog mesajlari uretme kapasite sahip. Uretilen syslog(TCP ya da UDP ) mesajlarini isterseniz rfc uyumlu/uyumsuz , rastgele oncelikli seklinde ayarlayabiliyorsunuz.

Features and Benefits
* Free to use for as long as you like
* GUI interface
* Sends standard Unix Syslog messages or enhanced messages (to Kiwi Syslog Daemon)
* Fast
* Simple to use
* Can fully test your Syslog Daemon setup
* Packet burst mode to hammer the Syslog Daemon to see if it can cope under load
* Send oversize packets to determine potential denial of service problems
* Supports TCP Syslog messages

Message creation options include…
* Priority selection of any Facility and Level including random.
* Ready made messages or user entered text.
* Frequency of delivery (once, every second, every minute or continuously)
* Message forwarding that is compatible with Kiwi Syslog Daemon for Windows and NT also written by Kiwi Enterprises.
* Random corrupt packets can be generated to test the robustness of the receiving Syslog Daemon server.
* Multi-line text messages
* Selectable Source and Destination ports for UDP and TCP

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